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The Best HVAC Zone Systems for Your Home

December 06, 20223 min read

HVAC Zone System

Have you ever wished you had better control over the temperature of different areas of your house? Do some rooms have specific needs from the air conditioner? Do different family members prefer specific sleeping environments?

Sometimes it may feel like you can’t please everybody, but a zone system can change that. A zoning system can be added to your current heating and cooling equipment to create zones in the house that can be controlled separately. This allows for a better airflow at lower energy costs throughout the home.

Adams Heating and Cooling has provided the residents of Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas with HVAC services for years. We only recommend the best, most efficient products. As technology advances, zoning has become more and more popular, and we only hear great things about newly installed zoning systems. It brings increased comfort into the home with more control over what the customer needs.

Required Equipment for Installation

You do not need a whole new system to add a zoning feature. Most systems are compatible with zoning capabilities and only require a few additions.

  1. The Main Control Panel- Your new zoning system will be added to your current system, and its main regulator will be an added panel to communicate with the thermostats and dampers.

  2. Thermostats– This is where you will adjust the desired temperatures for each zone; each zone of the house has its own thermostat. The thermostat will send that information back to the control panel which will adjust the HVAC system. This is how you can control each room to the temperature you want!

  3. Zone Dampers- The dampers are installed within the ductwork of the house to regulate where the air flows to adjust the temperature. In addition, the control panel tells the dampers when to open and close.

What Is Best?

Every home is unique, which means no two zoning systems are.  Zoning allows the customer to personalize zones to meet their individual needs in their home. Technicians at Adams Heating and Cooling will work with you to create the best, most efficient, and reliable zoning areas to meet your needs. Almost all homes can benefit from adding zones, but those with high ceilings and multiple levels tend to see the greatest benefit in the addition. Some things you may consider when choosing rooms and areas to be controlled together are:

  • Use of the room

  • Sunlight available

  • Shade

  • Outdoor vs Indoor Walls

  • Personal preference

  • Ceiling fans

  • Height of ceiling

All these factors are taken into consideration when building a plan for our customers. It is your project—you get to choose! In other words, we are here to guide and give professional advice. We want you to be content with our services and finish the process happy with your decision.

Benefits of a Zone System

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Low Power Bills

  • Customizable Options

  • Flexibility in Installation

  • Increased Lifespan of System

  • Quieter Operation

  • Convenience

In conclusion, it’s hard to say no to a product that is saving you money and making life easier. Above all, the investment you are making will pay off with the money you save. Allowing the system to keep some rooms warmer or cooler during different seasons allows better use of energy and keeps the system working efficiently. Ultimately, an efficient system will last longer than an inefficient system that works overtime!

Get A Quote Today-Tuscaloosa, AL

Adams Heating and Cooling is prepared to visit your home and provide a free in-home quote along with our professional advice. Above all, our customers’ comfort is our top priority. Call our office today to speak to a licensed technician for more details or schedule a quote with our office staff. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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