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Advantages of a Heat Pump over a Gas Furnace

September 28, 20232 min read

We like to have options. When we go to the grocery store and walk down the coffee isle that reality becomes apparent. The choices are limitless. And if you’ve ever had that “where do you want to eat” conversation with your significant other then you know that its not always easy to decide.

When it comes to heating or cooling your house in the Tuscaloosa area, however, most people come to a choice between two basic options. Should I go with a heat pump system or a gas furnace with an AC condensing unit? While there are advantages to either choice, here we will consider a few benefits of the heat pump.


Heat pumps are just more efficient than than gas burning counterparts, in most cases. In extremely cold climates heat pumps do loose some of their efficiency, but in central Alabama those kinds of conditions are not typically a reality.

A heat pump operates by moving heat from the outdoor air into the indoor air, this process typically is more efficient that the combustion process that a gas furnace uses to produce heat.


Another big advantage to choosing a heat pump over a gas furnace is the cost of operation. Heat pumps operate off of electricity rather than natural gas. In many areas the cost of electric utilities is simply cheaper than gas would be.

This is especially true if you are located in a rural area where natural gas is not an option and propane would be the only way to operate a gas furnace. For many in that situation a heat pump is a no-brainer.


Anytime you produce heat there is some need for caution. This is why firemen always recommend keeping a fire extinguisher in the kitchen (even if you are a good cook ;). And while modern gas furnaces are very safe, they do carry a danger that is simply non-existent when it comes to heat pumps. And that is carbon monoxide.

When you choose to heat your house with gas heat then a carbon monoxide detector will be as standard for your home as a smoke alarm. If you choose to go with a heat pump this will be one less worry on your mind and one less annoying battery to have to change later!

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